Novaneon Reflex H1120

Faux-neon LED strip designed for signage and architectural lighting.

Product Specs

  • Power Output

    12W/m (12V)

  • Lumens


  • Colours Available

    2700K, 6500K, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, RGB

  • Warranty

    5 Years

  • Includes

    Available in 5 or 10 Metre Rolls

Novaneon Reflex H1120 is a horizontally flexible outdoor LED strip light designed to emulate the look of traditional glass-moulded neon.

Suitable for signage/lettering applications as well as large-format architectural installations. Its silicone-based housing is UV stable, weathertight and highly flexible, perfect for outdoor projects.

  • Flexible horizontal bending strip.
  • Enhanced 5050 LEDs.
  • Can be cut every 6 LEDs.
  • 72 LEDs per metre.
  • UV resistant and salt mist proof.
  • Minimum bending diameter 6cm.

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2700K, 6500K, BLUE, GREEN, RED, RGB, Yellow

IP Rating

Product Type




Power Output

12 W/M



Installation guide

Cut material to length required using Novaneon Shears (cut only at intervals marked on the side of the casing).
Install clear PC terminals to both ends of Novaneon to prevent glue leaking to LED units. Trim edge of cut section with a neat 45 degree bevel to allow connectors to engage more easily.
Install End Cap: Apply 2mm of silicone glue to bottom surface of the end cap before sliding into position.
Install Power Connection Sleeve: Slide power connection sleeve into position as indicated, take care not to slide too far.
Install Power Connection Plug: Apply 2mm of silicone glue to bottom surface of power connections plug before sliding into position. Separate silicone case from PCB using provided scraper as required.
Novaneon strip can be mounted using Aluminium Track or clear clips. When handling strip, take care to only bend horizontally and do not twist/stretch strip as this may damage internal components.


Risk of electrical shock. Please read these instructions completely and carefully. Disconnect power before servicing or installing product.