24V vs 12V: The definitive guide

12 December 2022
Published in Guides

The first major advantage of choosing 24V is the significantly increased maximum series length.

Our 24V Eclipse module can run up to 100 modules per series – double its 12V equivalent!

If you produce large channel letters and often find yourself with multiple runs per letter, then 24V is for you. You’ll have more flexibility in circuit design, fewer junctions and faster installation.

Also, in a 24V system, there are more lumens, meaning more brightness per watt.

While 12V and 24V both draw the same amount of power (0.48w) our 24V modules produce 50% more lumens than their 12v equivalent*. This means that fewer LEDs and less power is required to achieve the same light output.

High-performance optics and longer series length, 24V is the perfect choice for channel letters and challenging lighting.

Watch our video for more information on how 24V can work better for you!