Brush up on your wiring

13 February 2023
Published in News

So, your Bounce LED’s have arrived – It’s time to get started on your wiring.

Here are a few of our top wiring tips to consider before you begin…

  1. LEDs only allow current to go through them in one direction – so in order for them to work, always connect positive-to-positive first, then negative-to-negative.
  2. Use WAGO clips to make your connections – they’re fast, secure and easy to use. Simply strip back the wire, insert and clip down to secure.
  3. Plan your LED layout – if you exceed the maximum series length, you may find a reduction in brightness and dull spots in your finished sign. All our LEDs specify a maximum series length. We’ll talk more about series wiring next week!

Check out the video for more wiring tips.