LED Cable 18AWG

The Bounce LED flexible, regular gauge LED Cable is a high-quality wiring essential for all lighting installations.

Product Specs

  • Diameter

    18AWG (1.02mm)

  • Includes


Bounce LED carry a wide range of high quality LED cable for use in lighting installations, including this 18AWG LED Cable.

This flexible, regular gauge 18AWG figure-8 Cable has a red & white outer casing, and comes in a 100m roll. Combine with Wago Cable Connectors for an easy, seamless wiring solution. Available in wire gauges of 20AWG, 18AWG, 16AWG and 14AWG, along with RGB and RGBW, all with an impressive 5 year warranty.

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Product Type

Wiring Accessories


12V, 24V

Frequently asked questions

The LED Cable 18AWG Red/White is suited to the following applications:

  • 24V and 12V applications
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Lightboxes
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Shopfitting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Suitable for use with Wago compact splicing connectors
  • Suitable for outdoor use when combined with the Wago Gelbox

Follow these steps on how to use the LED Cable 18AWG Red/White with Wago splicing connectors.

  1. Strip your LED wire/conductor to 11mm (0.43”).
  2. Open the clamping unit with the integrated lever and insert your conductor.
  3. Lower the lever to close the clamp.
  4. Ensure your wire has been inserted correctly.

The LED Cable 18AWG Red/White can be used alongside the Wago Splicing Connectors and Wago Gelbox waterproof protection box, for a complete watertight outdoor wiring solution.

Our LED Cable 18AWG comes in 100m rolls. Use Bounce Wizard, our free online estimator tool, to work out how many metres you’ll need for your next project.

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Discuss your project needs with our friendly team. Send through your signage artwork and we’ll happily provide a custom LED layout with pricing in 48-72 hours, or why not try Bounce Wizard, our free layout and estimator tool.