WAGO Gelbox 1331

A compact waterproof solution for WAGO splicing connectors

Product Specs

  • Dimensions

    33.6 x 17.8 x 32mm

  • Ingress Protection


  • Compatibility

    1x Double or 1x Triple Wire Connector

  • Includes

    4pcs Per Box

It’s important to ensure your LED wiring is protected from Australia’s harsh environment.

Designed for Wago’s 221 Wire Connectors, the Wago Gelbox 1331 provides reliable outdoor moisture protection up to IPX8 levels. Pre-filled with a non-hazardous silicone-free gel, the Wago Gelbox 1331 is easy, fast and safe to use in a wide range of low voltage applications. Simply open the box, insert the connector, and close. The gel completely wraps itself around the installation and seals immediately. The boxes can also be easily re-opened for any re-wiring needs. Available in three sizes to fit all Wago 221 Splicing Connectors.

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IP Rating

Product Type

Wiring Accessories


12V, 24V

Frequently asked questions

The Wago Gelbox 1331 is suited to the following applications:

  • 24V and 12V applications
  • Suitable for Outdoor use
  • Use with the Wago 221 Wire Connectors
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Lightboxes
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Shopfitting
  • Architectural Lighting

Follow these steps on how to install the Wago Gelbox 1331.

  1. Open the Wago Gelbox and place your wired connector inside.
  2. Close the Gelbox, ensuring the latch is secure.
  3. You can re-access the Gelbox if you need to rewire your connection.

The Wago Gelbox 1331 can be used alongside the Wago 221 Wire Connectors, for a complete watertight outdoor wiring solution.

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