Series vs Parallel: Get the rundown

13 February 2023
Published in Comparison

Okay, so you are ready to start wiring – but which type of circuit connection do you choose? We’re here to breakdown Series vs Parallel, so you can get wiring with confidence.

In a Series circuit, components are connected one after another in a single line.

Series circuits are simple to wire and great for small signage projects, but you will need to be mindful of the max series length of the LEDS you are using, to avoid voltage drop.

In a Parallel, the circuit branches out from the power supply, just like a tree. This allows you to use a larger quantity of LEDs and have consistent voltage, making Parallel great for creating large signage projects.

When wiring LEDs, it’s likely you’ll be using a combination of both Series and Parallel techniques. Check out our video for more information and step-by-step examples on using Series and Parallel.