Prism Synergy Mini

Meet Prism Synergy Mini, a punchy LED module that’s a powerhouse in the signage industry.

Product Specs

  • Power Output

    0.46W (24V)

  • Lumens

    156 lm/W

  • Colours Available

    3000K, 4100K, 5000K, 6500K, Red, Blue, Green

  • Ingress Protection


  • Dimensions

    52.1 x 18.5 x 9.7mm

  • Warranty

    Life of Sign

  • Max Series

    50 Modules Per Series

  • Includes

    100 Modules Per Pack

With similar features to the Prism Synergy Spec, the agile Prism Synergy Mini is ideal for medium sized channel letters.

With the ability to run an amazing 50 LED modules per series with constant current technology, the Prism Synergy Mini is an excellent indoor and outdoor LED lighting module, with the latest 170º “Batwing” optic design. The Prism Synergy Mini module is available in various whites and colours, with an impressive life of sign warranty.



Find all the latest product specifications and guides below:



Installation guide

Ensure the inside of your channel letter or sign box is clean and free of debris.
Using supplied LED layout, remove tape from the rear side and stick LED modules in place.
Working in low voltage, WAGO connectors can be used to quickly wire LEDs in series or parallel. Do not exceed the maximum modules per series as this will result in voltage drop.
Secure LEDs by gluing modules in place.
Drill holes out the back of the letters or sign box for connection to DC power supply.
Wire the LED modules from the sign to the power supply. If there are multiple letters/signs they should be connected in parallel to eliminate voltage drop and ensure consistent brightness.


Risk of electrical shock. Please read these instructions completely and carefully. Disconnect power before servicing or installing product.

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