Matrix Spectrum

Looking for vibrant, high-performance lighting that’s suitable for lightboxes? Look no further than the Matrix Spectrum – our flexible RGB LED Panel.

Product Specs

  • Power Output

    25.92 (24V)

  • Lumens

    1218 lm/panel

  • Colours Available


  • Warranty

    3 Years

  • Dimensions

    240 x 480 x 8.0mm

  • Max Series

    4 Panels

  • Includes

    2 Panels Per Pack

Matrix Spectrum, our 24V flexible RGB LED panel, is a fantastic option for large format fabric face lightboxes, cabinets and backlit displays.

Experience vibrant RGB+WW lighting, ultra high colour rendering (CRI >95) and run up to 4 panels per series. The Matrix Spectrum flexible panel also comes with an impressive 3 year warranty.

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IP Rating

Product Type

LED Panel



Power Output

25.36W Per Panel



Installation guide

Ensure lightbox surface is clean and free from debris. We recommend ensuring the internal surfaces are painted matte white to encourage illumination.
Arrange matrix spectrum panels in a grid-like fashion within the light box. Measure and trim panels to desired size, ensuring to only trim the panels at the marked cut lines.
Remove double sided tape and firmly press panels in place.
Connect panels together using included connectors, ensuring to not exceed the maximum series. Wire panels in parallel if required to avoid voltage drop.
Connect the panels to the receiver and transformer. Power up test to ensure they are wired up correctly.


Risk of electrical shock. Please read these instructions completely and carefully. Disconnect power before servicing or installing product.

Frequently asked questions

The Matrix Spectrum flexible RGB LED panel has been purpose-designed for fabric face lightboxes and backlit displays.

The Matrix Spectrum is excellent in the following applications:

  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Lightboxes
  • Fabric Face Lightboxes
  • Backlit Signs
  • Dimmable (with controller)

Follow these steps on how to install the Matrix Spectrum flexible RGB LED panel.

  1. You can install 4 Matrix Spectrum panels per series. Always check the max series to avoid a voltage drop.

The Matrix Spectrum flexible RGB LED panel can be used with our range of dimmable drivers and controllers; these are suitable for use with the entire Bounce LED 24V Cabinet range.

Use our free online estimator tool, Bounce Wizard, to work out exactly how many modules you’ll need for your next LED lighting or signage project.

Use Bounce Wizard, our free online estimator tool, to work out how many Matrix Spectrum flexible RGB+WW LED panels you’ll need for your next project.

Enquire about the Matrix Spectrum
Need more info on our Matrix Spectrum flexible RGB LED panels? Discuss your needs with our friendly team. Send through your signage artwork and we’ll happily provide a custom LED layout with pricing in 24-48 hours. Or why not try Bounce Wizard, our free layout and estimator tool.